Immigrate to Canada from WorldWide

Have you ever before wished to immigrate to Canada?

Have you ever before wished to immigrate to Canada and make a change in your life?

Visa 2 Canada is a Canadian consulting brand with the purpose of helping individuals who are looking to immigrate to Canada from anywhere around the globe. Apply for a work, study or Visitor visa, or for a full immigration program to Canada. Citizenship, permanent residency Followed by citizenship or refugee protection aplication today.
With Visa 2 Canada team, you can fulfill your dreams and become a Canadian citizen. We support you all along and provide you with the best care of your application. Our Team of experts are well experience and familiar with the Canadian immigration system, With Our Help, receiving your legal status becomes easy and fast.
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Benefits of Immigrating to Canada from around the world

Canadian cultural diversity

Top rated to be one of the best in the world. Canada is a true mosaic of cultures and those who immigrate to Canada are known to be widely accepted. Those who immigrate to Canada are able to continue to practice their cultural customs in peace without fear of being singled out.

Benefits And Common Misconceptions of Wheater in Canada

For most of us the thought of Canada is synonymous with images of snow and people dressed up in as much clothing as possible. This is not a true representation of this beautiful country.

While the winters can be icy, Canada is one of those countries that can proudly say that it enjoys all 4 seasons. Most Canadians have a love for the outdoors with many hours spent outside, especially during the summer months.
As diverse as the people living in Canada, the landscapes are stunning: beautiful coast lines, mountains and fields. The Canadian landscape is enough to get most people outdoors each weekend.

Canada is a country of islands and lakes. Without its numerous lakes Canada would be smaller than the United States of America. Canada has the world’s largest fresh water island in the world, Manitoulin Island. Not only is the island surrounded by fresh water, it also has a large amount of freshwater lakes within it. The Great Lakes are a popular attraction and many people visit them every year. The forests and the mountains provide a great place to explore.

When immigrating to Canada you will be able to enjoy all of these landscapes while travelling around and getting to know your new home.

Social rights and Salaries

Canada has paid leave, and many employers offer benefits to new mothers, or parents, ranging from 17 weeks up to as much as 52 weeks. During this time, one of the spouses can claim Employment Insurance (EI) for approximately 15 weeks. Generally, EI payments are 55% of weekly earnings but have a maximum payment of CAD $485 per week. Parents can also split the allocated time if they choose.

Canada’s after-tax average monthly income is about CAD $3,000 which totals around CAD $36,000 per year

Here are 15 quick interesting facts that you should know about this great country

  1. Canada is the second largest country in the world, right after Russia.
  2. Canada is the World’s Most Educated Country: over half its residents have college degrees.
  3. Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world’s lakes combined.
  4. Canada has the largest coastline in the world.
  5. Police Departments in Canada give out “positive tickets” when they see people doing something positive.
  6. Monday a suit, Friday jeans — Casual Fridays, where people are allowed to dress down, are always a popular tradition in North America. So don’t be surprised if the entire office wears denim on Friday to celebrate the upcoming end of the work week.
  7. In Canada, Pay day is every two weeks.
  8. In Canada, you can shop pretty much anytime including late at night and on Sundays. Most companies’ customer service is only a toll-free phone call away, even late at night. Remember, the customer is always right!
  9. The capital city is Ottawa and it has a population of more than 880,000. Situated in the province of Ontario, Ottawa is full of arts and culture and stunning historical buildings.
  10. Canada has a great life expectancy, and it currently stands at just under 82 years of age.
  11. The Canadian population stands at 34 million and around 6 million of those people are immigrants. The largest number of immigrants come from China, the Philippines and India.
  12. Canada has 6 different time zones.
  13. The name Canada is actually the result of a mistake. When a French explorer first set foot in the country, the locals invited him to their village and their word for village was “Kanata”. He instead heard “Canada” and thus the country was named Canada.
  14. Along with its diverse landscape, Canada has its own desert. However the desert is only 15 miles long. It is the only desert in the world that has a walkway which allows people to walk over its entire distance.
  15. The tap water in Canada is often of a better quality than the bottled water found in shops.

Help with Immigrating to Canada FromWorldwide

A regulated Canadian immigration consultant, including the regulated Canadian immigration consultant at Visa 2 Canada, are professionals who assist people in immigrating (moving) from any country to Canada. They assist people through the legal processes and the paperwork. By doing so they are able to increase the chances of a person being successful in their immigration application. At Visa 2 Canada our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant can give you great advice while taking you through the application process. The professionals at Visa 2 Canada have over 5 years of experience and as they work with immigration applications on a daily basis they are highly knowledgeable about what makes an application successful and they know what can cause an application to be rejected.

Benefits of using a regulated Canadian immigration consultant when immigrating to Canada.

1. A regulated Canadian immigration consultant knows all of the ins and outs of the variety of different immigration programs that the Canadian government has available. These programs are also subject to change and the immigration consultant will be up to date with the different changes. The regulated Canadian immigration consultant will advise you on the best suitable programs for you and your family which will allow you to immigrate to Canada.

2. The regulated Canadian immigration consultant will understand everything that is related to the immigration process and system. The immigration system can be very complex and the immigration consultant will be equipped with the experience and information that can be used to advise you best through your immigration application and any additional required documents.

3. An immigration application can be refused for many reasons. In the event of an application refusal you will, depending on the reasons for the refusal, be given the opportunity to appeal the decision or ask for a review. A regulated Canadian immigration consultant will be competent enough to speak on behalf of your case with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

4. An application that is filled out with the correct information and is well presented is a guarantee when you work with a regulated Canadian immigration consultant. Submitting a correct application the first time will result in less delays in the processing of your application.

5. Using the professional skills of a regulated Canadian immigration consultant is sure to save you plenty of time. It can take you days to do the correct research to find out which application form you should be using, which programme is suitable and where and how to submit your forms and documentation. A regulated Canadian immigration consultant will either be able to give you all of the relevant information that you need or they will complete the application for you.

Canadian immigration is simplified when you choose Visa to Canada to assist you with your immigration application.